Plex Remote Access on Fritzbox 6490

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Plex Remote Access on Fritzbox 6490

Beitrag von schwizer » 14.04.2019, 12:18

I have spent hours reading the forums and online suggestions for how to unlock remote access for plex and i have hit a roadblock with the fritzbox. The main problem is that I CAN NOT SPECIFY THE EXTERNAL IP in the fritz box for the ports that should go to the plex NAS. :wand:

What i have also tried :pcfreak:
1. Expose the local NAS server (Synology 218+) to the internet (IPV4 and IPV6)
2. Enabled Remote Access in Plex settings (goes green for 2 seconds then red again).
3. Enabled/Disabled IPV6 in plex.
4. Tried TCP/UDP port (separate & together) forwarding rules in the fritzbox
5. Tried 32400 port for in and out as well as separate ports for internal and external

Any ideas? :confused:

Picture here


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Re: Plex Remote Access on Fritzbox 6490

Beitrag von Andreas1969 » 14.04.2019, 12:25

schwizer hat geschrieben:
14.04.2019, 12:18
Any ideas?
I think you have DS-Lite on the Router :winken:
Denken gehört zu den schwersten Dingen, die man tun kann. Vielleicht ist das der Grund, warum es so Wenige tun. :kratz:
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Re: Plex Remote Access on Fritzbox 6490

Beitrag von Joerg123 » 14.04.2019, 17:11

I am not familiar with your Pley software but as you show also a picture of the running app: have you enabled independent port share for the PC int the Fritzbox port-sharing settings (.....178.44) ? cause if the external port you want to use for incomming connection is already enabled by UPnP this port cannot be assigned again. But if the port is opened by the software on your PC the automatically configured independent UPnP-share should also route to your PC (if you do not use the software on another PC as well). But one external port can only be routed once to a local device.

I do not understand the screenshot of your Fritzbox port sharing settings. On my Fritzbox the "ip address in the internet" is shown as my public internet IP address of course (and that makes sense, the "ip address on the internet cannot be a LAN ip address of course). How ever, by my knowledge you cannot specify an external IP address or IP address range, that will be allowed to use the port share configured in the Fritzbox port-sharing settings. If you create a port-shahring rule the port is available for any external/internet IP-address. Maybe recreate the rule and/or reboot your Fritzbox.
PS: what type of iternet connection do you have ? IPv4 address (that would be needed for your Plex sharing) or IPv6 IP-address or both ?
If you reboot the Fritzbox and check menu System > Event Log, is there something listed with tunnel or tunnelling ? (cause on the online monitor page you might see IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that looks like "normal private IP addresses" for your router but might be assigned by DS-light via tunnelling)
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