Unitymedia charges without providing services

Unitymedia-Mobil bietet Handy- und Smartphone-Tarife, die im Netz von Telefónica Germany (o2) realisiert werden.
Kunden mit einem Unitymedia Mobil-Tarif können über die Rufnummer 0176 / 888 66 310 kostenfrei Hilfe bei allen Problemen in Anspruch nehmen.
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Unitymedia charges without providing services

Beitrag von Suman » 10.10.2012, 17:39

I'm sorry. My German is not good and so I write in English.

I used internet service from Unitymedia for more than one year. I was totally satisfied with the quality. Unfortunately, I moved to new house. I Informed Unitymedia immediately (on 2nd of August). The technician came to my new house and returned back without installing the internet because internet from Unity Media is not available in my new house (the technician discussed with the housemeister). The personnel from unity media, during consultation before making the contract, told me that the contract will be immediately and automatically canceled if the service is not available in the new resistance. Though I gave them the notice and the technician could not fix the problem, they charged me and are quietly charging. I communicated them several times .. They are terrible. I liked Germany, in general, except Unity Media. My view towards them is totally negative. I do not suggest to catch Unity Media. Do not do wrong decision Please!!!!!

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Re: Unitymedia charges without providing services

Beitrag von Baktosh » 10.10.2012, 18:44

Neither your english is... :zwinker: But never mind...

Are you solely using the internet via UM or is it a 2Play or 3Play contract ?

Did the technician gave you an explanation why there's / will be no service ?

What reaction did you get from UM after filing a complaint concerning the false invoice ?
What did UM tell why there's / will be no service ?



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