Unitymedia charges without providing service

In vielen Netzen von Unitymedia sind Internet und Telefonie bereits verfügbar.
  • Kunden aus Hessen und Nordrhein-Westfalen können über die Rufnummer 0221 / 466 191 00 Hilfe bei allen Problemen in Anspruch nehmen.
  • Kunden aus Baden-Württemberg können über die Rufnummer 0711 / 54 888 150 Hilfe bei allen Problemen in Anspruch nehmen.
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Unitymedia charges without providing service

Beitrag von Suman » 10.10.2012, 01:47

Tut mir leid. Meine Deutsche ist nicht gut und so schreibe ich in Englisch.

I used Unitymedia internet service for more than one year. I was totally satisfied with the quality.

Unfortunately, I moved to new house. I Informed Unitymedia immediately (on 2nd of August). The technician came in my new house and returned back without installing the internet because internet from Unitymedia is not available in my new house (the technician discussed with the housemeister). The personnel from unitymedia, during consultation before making the contract, told me that the contract will be immediately and automatically cancelled if the service is not available in the new resistance. Though I gave them the notice and the technician could not fix the problem, they charged me and are still charging. I communicated them several times.. They are terrible. I liked Germany, in general, except Unitymedia. My view towards them is totally negative. I do not suggest to catch Unitymedia. Do not do wrong decision Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Unitymedia charges without providing service

Beitrag von boarder-winterman » 10.10.2012, 10:36

I will try my best to support in English here.
First of all: We are not an official Forum. We do the support in our free time and most of our members are not working at Unitymedia.
So we can only offer support from user to user.

So to your problem. I would recommend you to contact somebody who is able to speak German.
He can contact the hotline for you. I think your problem should be solved there very quickly.
A canceling of the contact should be no problem there.

BTW: You posted the thread in the wrong area. Here should only arrive problems with the Forum.
So I moved it to the right area.

I hope you can solve your problem :winken:
PN Support ist maximal eingeschränkt möglich, daher bitte ich darum die entsprechenden Anfragen in die richtigen Foren zu stellen!

Sollten euch Beiträge wie Spam oder gänzlich Offtopic vorkommen, scheut nicht die Benutzung des Melden-Buttons über dem Beitrag!


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Re: Unitymedia charges without providing service

Beitrag von gordon » 10.10.2012, 19:42

If you gave notice and UM is not able to provide its service to you at your new address, you have to a) send them proof that you moved there and b) the contract will be cancelled three months after that. Until then, you have to pay your monthly fees. Under German telecommunications law this is perfectly legal. If you fail to provide proof of you having moved, Unitymedia will charge you until the end of your minimum contract duration. You can obtain such proof from the local municipality, where you register your new residence.


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