Custom Firmware: ASUS RT-N56U WLAN Router

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Custom Firmware: ASUS RT-N56U WLAN Router

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Hab da grad was gefunden, da es ja immer noch genug Leute gibt mit Problemen.

Author: Does this still use the same graphical interface as the official firmware?
Yes, set browser to, just as ASUS firmware. The GUI remains the same. The firmware version will reflect the new change. No surprises. You can upload the previous firmware after updating should you decide to revert.

ASUS RT-N56U custom firmware from Padavan

Changes from original firmware

- Build optimization for MIPS32 (code more fast and smaller).
- Added full support for Optware (start/stop scripts is embedded).
- Added NFS server v3 with WebGUI control. NTFS/FAT32/EXT2/EXT3 exports supported.
- Added SSH server (dropbear-0.52) with WebGUI control. SSH access from WAN supported.
- Added ability to WAN/USB Modem/Routes settings changes without router reboot.
- Added fast WAN source switching to USB Modem without router reboot.
- Added ability for VLAN filtering Internet/IPTV/VoIP without create LAN-WAN bridges.
- Fixed DHCP client for PPPoE WAN connection. PPPoE Dual Access now worked perfectly.
- Fixed L2TP WAN connection in auto mode. VPN heart-beat server now resolved by name.
- Fixed Dual Access PPTP WAN auto-reconnection after broken PPP tunnel (DNS bug).
- Fixed missing NAT MASQUERADE for physical WAN interface, when WAN IP and routes is static.
- Fixed broken IPTV after physical WAN interface new lease obtained (by DHCP).
- Fixed loading more instances of L2TP daemon.
- Fixed more zombie for "pppd" process and others.
- Fixed LAN DHCP server bug (no leases) when DHCP pool end address <
- Fixed earlier physical WAN interface up on router startup (spoofing issue).
- Fixed iptables filter rules for port forwarding on router's LAN IP via VirtualServer.
- Fixed casual DNS Relay dead.
- Fixed DNS Relay logic for reverse lookup requests for local IP's. Now all this requests fast
forwarded from LAN DHCP leases, without requesting from WAN ISP DNS.
- Fixed work IPTV UDP-HTTP Proxy with disabled setting "Enable multicast routing". Now udpxy work
without igmpproxy.
- Fixed broken HW_NAT after enabled WiFi "Multicast rate".
- Fixed broken HW_NAT after enabled "L2TP Passthrough" and "IPSec Passthrough".
- Fixed "MAN" static routes loading after disabled static route.
- Both WiFi "Multicast rate" now enabled by default (HTMIX mode).
- Added WiFi 2.4GHz legacy "Multicast rate" modes.
- Added independent IGMP Snooping control for WiFi. Now WiFi IGMP Snooping enabled by default
and dropped all outside multicast traffic.
- Fixed WiFi scheduler stupid time overlap check.
- Fixed Telnet server start/stop issues.
- Fixed local network scanner background utility.
- Fixed UPnP Mediaserver force rescan after startup (minidlna new switch "-U" instead of "-R").
- Fixed all Russia timezones.
- Fixed some Russian resources for WebGUI.
- Added ability for rebind WPS button actions (short and long press). 8 custom actions is allowed
(e.g. WiFi radio on/off, safe removal USB, reboot, etc).
- Added ability to manual settings physical WAN Ethernet link.
- Added advanced settings for Ethernet switch.
- Added second manual DNS IP for DHCP server.
- Added ability to change source media path for UPnP and iTunes Mediaservers.
- Added fdisk (busybox applet) for partitioning drives from Telnet console.
- Added mke2fs (mkfs.ext2, mkfs.ext3) for making EXT2/EXT3 partitions from Telnet/SSH console.
- Added several Linux utils (such as dd, env, blkid, ip, sysctl, more, ...).
- Added terminfo database for correct terminal keys handling (e.g. for MC). xterm by default.
- Added USB modem ZTE-MF180.
- Added output second (physical) WAN IP address in WebGUI (WAN status).
- Added output MAC address as text in WebGUI (LAN clients table).
- Added physical WAN Ethernet link info in WebGUI (WAN status).
- Added firmware subversion info to WebGUI.
- Updated pppoe-relay to v3.10.
- Updated igmpproxy to v0.1-stable.
- Updated udpxy to v1.0-21.1.
- Disabled self-reboot after CPU overload.
- Disabled buggy Web redirect page (after internet connection lost).
- Disabled buggy WAN speed auto measurement after WAN up.
- Deleted some national resources (needed more space in NOR Flash).

Changes from previous firmware

- Added ability for rebind WPS button actions (short and long press). 8 custom actions is allowed
(e.g. WiFi radio on/off, safe removal USB, reboot, etc).
- Added second manual DNS IP for DHCP server.
- Added advanced settings for Ethernet switch. WAN link speed control moved to new tab.
- Control tab Route splitted to Routes and IPTV.
- PPPoE relay control moved to NAT Passthrough tab.
- Improved DNS Relay forward logic. Added Google DNS for last DNS.
- Fixed "MAN" static routes loading after disabled static route.
- Fixed broken HW_NAT after enabled "L2TP Passthrough" and "IPSec Passthrough".
- Fixed startup issue for non-UMTS USB modems.

Changes from previous firmware

-Fixed non-working IPTV UDP-HTTP Proxy function. Now it works without 'multicast
routing' - igmpproxy.
- Fixed HW_NAT self-disable when 'Multicast storm control' is set for WiFi clients.
This function is enabled by default (HTMIX mode).
- Added legacy modes for 'Multicast storm control' on 2.4GHz.
- Added switch on/off control for IGMP Snooping for WiFi clients. IGMP Snooping
is enabled by default and blocks other UDP packets to WiFi while watching
IPTV UDP using lan clients.
- Added a possibility to set manual needed Ethernet connection speed of WAN port.
- Added current Ethernet connection speed to WebGUI WAN status.
- Added a possibility to set VLAN (ISP, STB port) without reboot. Added a possibility
to set VLAN VID=1 using VLAN (Select ISP).
- Fixed iptables rules logic, so it is possible to forward packets to router itself.
- Fixed disabling hostnames in network scanner. Fixed DNS Relay self-disable bug.
- Fixed DNS Relay logic when doing reverse lookup of IP in local network. All lookup
queries are not sent to external DNS to WAN, but resolving shortly, using DHCP leases list.
- Fixed mke2fs tool problem, added aliases for mkfs.ext2, mkfs.ext3.
- Fixed a probled of DLNA mediaserver. It's now availiable during scanning process.
- Fixed WAN status flashing in WebGUI when Dual Access PPPoE/PPTP/L2TP is used.
- Fixed NFS export bug.
- pppoe-relay is updated to 3.10.
- igmpproxy is updated to 0.1-stable.
- udpxy is updated to 1.0-21.1.
- chkntfs utility for NTFS drives is availiable again.
- An ugly function of web page redirection is disabled when offline.
- Disabled half-done function of WAN connection speed testing, when WAN interface is up.
- Many language dictionaries except Russian, English, French, Dutch were deleted
in order to free some space of NOR Flash.

Changes from previous firmware

- Some changes to Dual PPTP Connection were made (if the connection was
broken by provider - DNS error)

- Fixed LAN/WLAN hostnames scanner. The full scanning process takes less than
25 seconds.
- Fixed mount of ext3 filesystem as ext2, fixed optware scripts.
- Added the ability to start connection using USB modem by clicking
'Pause/Update' in 'WAN Connection' section. (if USB modem was configured
- Static routes can be changed without reboot. (You still need to reboot the
device if you add LAN routes)
- Fixed virtual CD-ROM autostart when USB_3G modem is plugged in. This adds
the ability to use other models, which didn't work in previous firmwares.
Port connection speed of USB_3G moded is set to 460800 bps.

Changes from previous firmware

- Linux root was built with MIPS32 optizisation. (The source code is more
lightweight and doing much faster)
- Optware support was integrated web panel. It starts and creates the required
environment itself.
- NFSv3 server is already included to firmware. Its config is also available
in web panel. NFS supports all filesystems. By default it exports
/media/AiDisk_{xy}. If you're a WindowsXP OS user, you can use
/Try it is much more faster, stable, and easy-to-use than samba./
- Dropbear-0.52 a lightweight SSH server. Configuration is also available
in web panel.
- You can change almost all parameters in web panel without router reboot.
There is no need to wait several minutes, while configuring it.
- Unfortunately, some settings (like LAN IP, static routes, ISP, IPTV STB port)
require router to be rebooted before apply.
- USB_3G modem is also can be connected to network without reboot.
- Fixed DHCP client for WAN PPPoE. Dual Access works correctly now!
- If there is no DHCP server in the network of your internet provider
system unloads the client from memory on timeout.
- Fixed WAN L2TP connection on boot in auto mode. VPN server could be
configured using hostname.
- Fixed non-working routes when WAN IP address is set manually. "MAN" iface
routes should work correctly now!
- Fixed non-working IPTV servic eafter physical WAN IP is changed.
- Fixed duplicating of L2TP daemon by watchdog timer, if L2TP tunnel can't start.
- Fixed self cloning zombie processes, such as pppd and some others.
- Fixed local DHCP bug, in case the pool of ip record is like
- Fixed invoking und shutting down of Telnet server. It is real time now!
- Fixed stupid WiFi time scheduler validation. (in case start_time > shutdown_time)
- Disabled force database creation by UPnP mediaserver on each boot.
- Increased timeout on which router should reboot itself, when its CPU
Utilization is very high
- Fixed all russian timezones
- Fixed russian webinterface dictionary (language translation mistakes)
- Added fdisk (busybox applet), which allows you to create partitions using
SSH/Telnet. This uses 2048 as start sector to be compatible with HDD AF 4K
- Added mke2fs, which allows you to create EXT2/EXT3 formatted filesystems
using SSH/Telnet
- Added some usefull coreutils (dd, env, blkid, ip, etc)
- Added terminfo base in order to support keyboard actions using a terminal
(e.g. MC). xterm is used as a default terminal
- UPnP was improoved with patch from source
- Fixed patch version vizability in web interface
- Added ZTE-MF180 to USB devices list
UM 2Play 32MBit (CISCO EPC 3212), Asus RT-N56U (Firmware 1.0.8b)


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