order only smartcard not the reciever

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order only smartcard not the reciever

Beitrag von elnaggar » 05.09.2013, 00:53

Hi All,

sorry for using english, my german isn't too good to explain my request...
So a friend of me left germany and gave me the "Unitymedia Samsung SMT-C5120 " which he bought from unitymedia...
I can view some HD channels for free + the SD free channels, my question is if I want to watch/buy better package to watch english channels (sky/or all starts package)
Can I order only the smartcard (don't want new reciever), and how much does it costs ?? and how online/per telefone ?

Thanks alot and PS : you can answer in German if you like :)

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Re: order only smartcard not the reciever

Beitrag von GeFFi » 05.09.2013, 01:42


You can order a smartcard with the TV- programs of your choice. I think the smartcard comes 2 Euro per month and 4 Euro for HD channels.
There are several tv- packages for example with english channels or russia. But these got extra charges.

I advise that you call the hotline, they can give you the information about the charges for the tv- packages :-)

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Re: order only smartcard not the reciever

Beitrag von Vaquero » 09.09.2013, 21:24

Hi ,

when you go to the UM Website :pcfreak: http://www.unitymedia.de/privatkunden/f ... boxCtEmail
you can choose the package that you like. The only prerequisite is that you have an digital cable contract with Unitymedia to use these packages.

You can order by Mail or phone (at least existing customers can order by phone)

When you want to know more, just ask :super:

Best Regards
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