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nntp server

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nntp server

Beitragvon bibis » 05.06.2009, 23:20


sorry for writing in english.

Which public nntp server can I use being on the Unitymedia network (Frankfurt). I tried nntp.unitymedia.de and news.unitymedia.de but both hosts do not exist. Another know to me server news.t-online.de does not allow access from unitymedia network.

Connected to news.t-online.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
502 Kein Zugriff / You are not authorized to use this server.
Connection closed by foreign host.

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Re: nntp server

Beitragvon HariBo » 06.06.2009, 08:42

Network Operation Center
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Re: nntp server

Beitragvon timmey » 06.06.2009, 08:47

Hi Bib,

unitymedia doesn't provide usenet access for their customers.
for text articles, look for open nntp servers, e.g. from universities and not the provider one's. they are normally dedicated to their own customers.

if you're looking for binary articles, you have to use a chargable service like giganews, newshosting, eweka, ... and don't use german usenet reseller like usenext, alphaload, etc., because the pricing and contract conditions are horrible
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Re: nntp server

Beitragvon bibis » 10.06.2009, 01:02

thanks all.

I needed nntp server for text groupos only. Finally I found news.motzarella.org which looks like works properly and allows posting.

best regards.
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